The Platform For We The People!

Find the common ground!
Empower common sense solutions!

The time is ripe to facilitate a fundamental transformation in the way politics and society are perceived and organized.

The possibility exists to unite around common values and activate common sense solutions in these pivotal times.

"There is far more that we have in common than what divides us!"

As we loosen our grip on the "us" versus "them" thinking, the strength in our diversity will emerge.
 In order to reveal the unstoppable power of a united citizenry, a greater respect and sharing must occur.

This Platform Shall Empower these goals:

  • To enable a process of reconciliation and collaboration
  • To identify and disempower the labels and perceptions that demean and divide us.
  • To co-create descriptions of the common issues, and solutions expressed in consensus language that unites the most of us.
  • To generate croud-sourced strategies to proclaim and reclaim our Common Values.

Let's Get Started!

The Way We Communicate is Key

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I have long been aware that most people who find themselves on opposite sides of so many issues seem to have the common sense to see simple and workable solutions when they are expressed in language they use. I constantly see division and discord arise as a result of the language and perceptions to which we habitually react. It not always from a basic conflict of values. We carry ideas about others and what we assume they represent. To form conclusions based on how someone looks and talks is natural. However, it prevents the unity that would enable us to enact a Common Sense Agenda to replace the rule of money and power in a teetering country.

Almost everyone wants:

  • A self-supporting occupation with prospects for the future.
  • To provide as much or more for our children.
  • To become a unique inspiration to the world.
  • To know our Country as honorable and compassionate.
  • Cooperation within a safe and secure international community.
  • To live in a healthy and sustainable biosphere.

Although we have many different ideas about how to achieve these things, we can perhaps agree these are essential to bring about peace and prosperity for all. Being committed to the transformation of social and political expression into that of collaboration among many people and groups for the common good brings the confidence and co-operation necessary to move forward. It will be natural as we see behind the curtains of a “divide and conquer” system. Otherwise, we will be squabbling on the sidelines as usual, and raw power will continue to seize the initiative.

Common Agenda USA is a piece of a great and beautiful puzzle revealing itself in these dynamic and chaotic times. There is emerging within our world the realization of common yearnings. May each and every one do our part to be active in its awakening!