Contributing to this Vision

All people who want to build a way to strengthen our Democratic Republic are invited to consider joining and taking action. Here is a very brief outline of how this site could be used to fulfill several of our most critical needs. Maybe there is a way to bridge this fragmented and frustrating political and social environment in the USA.

  • WikiNews style fact and detail sharing to get the most factual claims across a wide range of subjects in National, State, and Local issue groups.
  • Build a national network of neighborhood councils that share the tasks of research and reporting to get access to the most reliable sources.
  • Initiate a new strategy for organizing by taking the marches into the neighborhoods to knock on doors in order to set up the Neighborhood Councils.

More to come - there are already plans and development underway to bring this to life, but it needs some cohorts. If you support this and have interest in exploring, please contact me, I'd love to see if this can grow legs...

Thank you,
James Spitzer