A Vision For Renewal in the USA

I want to share a Vision of a community dedicated to revealing solutions to our concerns that would be supported by the most citizens. This vision is ready to be activated. We've all had enough of the division. We need to have a platform to come together.

Our power becomes strong and focused when it is based in common action backed by good information. I believe that there is a way to do this by creating tools that value conversations among the widest range of participants who are also willing to listen and debate with respect. I believe we could create an open source Unity Platform with all of our common agenda items assembled into a Platform. The Platform would be a base line position for any candidate of any Party or persuasion to adhere to, and agree to implement as a priority, for support in any district or state. Since it contains only the Agenda that the majority of Citizens in or out of all parties hold in Common, it becomes possible to get it done instead of gridlock perpetuated by political hostage taking.

Imagine a Common Agenda USA community of communities that finds the things we agree about and cross links them by suggestion to others from various tribal ideologies. It would show examples of things from others beyond their own tribe. It is the opposite of the silo effect generated by the usual top sites. I am looking into initiating this project as an open source public conversation that leads to a distilled set of Platform Initiatives comprising curated conversations under the heading for each proposed Initiative. I'm interested in finding you, if you are someone who wants to see a renewal of social and political discourse. There are several ways to participate in this Community. It will need writers, organizers, and founders and more. See the Common Grounds group to begin exploring ways to join and share this vision. I welcome your interest very much.

There is more that we have in Common than what divides us.